Dolly Bird

The dolly bird says she can see herself in your eyes.
You still remember the first time the word ‘love’ dropped from her lips,
And how your heart


But was cradled in hers.

The dolly bird combs her fingers through your hair as best she can,
Pressing her face to your neck as she curls her arms ‘round your waist.
A whispery sigh tumbles past her lips and she tells you you’re hers.

And you are, if only for that moment.
If only for life.

The dolly bird’s eyes find you in every room.
You two share a secret smile;
A secret joke that you don’t know the punch line for.

She’s sweetness in the rain,
Sun-kissed petals of a blossoming sunflower,
Swaying in the breeze that rustles through her leaves.

The dolly bird kisses your eyelids while you sleep
And hums your name along with the thunder
Allowing the clouds to carry it away.

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